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Associazioni Italiana de Diplomacy & London Diplomacy Club

Tournament Director : Toby Harris

Tournament Structure[]

  • 1 Ronde + Finale

Championship Game[]

Country Player Nat Res SC
Austria Daniele Bellinardeli ITA ITA 2
England Gary Sturley UK UK 1
France Laurent Joly FRA FRA 1
Germany Luca Pazzaglia ITA ITA 13
Italy Nicolas Sahuguet FRA CAN 1
Russia Claes de Graaf NDL NDL 0
Turkey Conrad Woodring USA UK 16

EOG by the winner Conrad Woodring[]

I was annoyed to draw Turkey again. I was even more annoyed to see my same Austrian neighbour (Daniele). The problem is that, if like me you studied all the moves of all three games, it appears Austria and I had a bumpless alliance in round one.

Players could easily assume that would continue. Thank God I wasn’t Austria. With Nicholas on the board as Italy, my strategy was to turn everyone on him (he’s really good) which worked well enough. I bungled negotiations with Russia (entirely my fault) that quickly led me into an alliance with Austria against Russia. Once I fell back into the same AT alliance I had the day before, I also fell back into relying heavily on Austria to make the tactical calls while I focused all my negotiations and planning on the last year of the game.

In the end it was a two-horse race (maybe three as Austria wasn’t far behind) between myself in Turkey and a super star player in Germany, Luca Pazzaglia. Like many of these games, players with a chance to win try to do so, and players that are out play the role of kingmaker. England was actively trying to help Germany win. France was passively trying to help me win. The decisions Austria made at the end gave me the win. It was no brilliant play on my part, no heroic diplomatic feat or clever tactics. I just crawled my way to a better position than my Austrian ally and when push came to shove, one of us was going to win. 

The platform was a bit challenging for everyone, but at the end of the day it was a great event. Huge thanks to Toby Harris, Luca Pardini and my Italian brother Davide Cleopadre. I personally loved playing with Nicolas and Laurent whom I haven’t seen in ages. I also loved playing with new people that I had literally not a shred of information about. 

CoronaCon 2020 Table 1             []

(start 2:20pm, UK time)                        

Austria:               Ian Andrews (IanA)                                     0 (1904)              1 pt

England:             Claes De Graaff (claesar)                           9 centres              113 pts

France:               Nicolas Sahuguet (Woland)                      9 centres              149.4 pts

Germany:           Lei Saarlainen (Lei Saarlainen)                  0 (1906)              1 pt

Italy:                    Davide Cleopadre (fenix71)                       3 centres              31.8 pts

Russia:                Cyrille Sevin (Cyrille)                                   6 centres              48.6 pts

Turkey:               Seth Bridson (dib)                                        7 centres              76.6 pts

Game Report – TABLE 1

15 minutes into Spring 1901 and Cyrille was still absent. With the moderator offering to pause the game, Cyrille popped up just in time! Spring 1901 saw a relatively standard opening, though Austria was under immediate pressure after opening Vie-Tri (with Italy in Tyr & Ven and Russia in Gal).

For Autumn 1901, Germany let Russia take Swe. England took Nwy and bounced Germany in Bel … whilst the French watched on from Pic (hold) and took Iberia. Austria made a “good” 50/50 guess (Tri-Vie to bounce Russia), but lost Trieste to a supported Italian attack. BLA bounce.

Fairly standard builds from everybody. A(Mos), A(War), F(Smy), F(Bre), A(Par), A(Vie), A(Ven), F(Nap), F(Lon), A(Mun), F(Kie)

Spring 1902 saw some consolidation from France (fleets to MAO & Spasc) whilst England forced his way into ENG and accepted Russian support to SKA. Germany’s fleets into HEL & BAL, whilst Russia sneaked into Silesia and forced the annihilation of Budapest. Italy’s moves achieved nothing from the armies whilst the fleets got into position.

By the end of 1902, Austria’s homeland was taken. Italy in Tri & Tyr, Russia in Bud. The German F(BAL) returned to Ber and Russia had armies in Sil, Boh, Gal & Bud. E/F bounce in ENG whilst France walked (or is that ‘sneaked’?) into Bel as Germany moved to Ruh. France and Italy up to 6, England up to 5, Russia up to 7, Germany & Turkey 4, Austria 2. +F(Bre), A(Rom), A(Mos), F(Edi). - A(Ruh).

1903. Now the real fun starts. MAO & NAO fleets for France, with a Bel/Ruh/Bur solidification of the armies. Russian support for Turkey into Serbia as the latter vacates BLA into Con. English co-operative support for Russia into BAL, with a safety-net army left in Yorkshire. Italian 4-army consolidation in Ven/Tyr/Vie/Tri. Fantastic play.

For the Fall of 1903, the “Grand old Duke of York” (that’s the guy who had 10,000 men … he marched them to the top of the hill and he marched them down again) aka France, marched his fleets back again from NAO. No change with the French armies. Meanwhile Russia’s “10,000 men” sneaked both Vienna from Italy and Berlin from Germany. Wow! Austria clinging on by his fingernails in Greece, with Turkey ending the year on 5 (Ser & Bul). England on 6 (after sneaking Sweden() and Italy on 5, Germany down one to 3. The Russian “bear” is up to 8.

1904. With a Juggernaut now rolling, France gave Italy some breathing space. Austria’s final unit is not looking safe and the vultures are closing in on Germany. England plays between Russia and France, taking Denmark & Kiel in the Spring and leaving Russia alone. How many of England’s (current) 8 centres will be held for the Fall will make interesting viewing.  More popcorn on the way at chez Harris!

The years ends with Russia on 9 (Rum, Bud, Vie, Ber, Swe), Austria eliminated, Turkey on 6 (Bul, Ser, Gre), Italy 5 (Tri & Tun), a solid France on 7 (watch this guy next!), Germany with just Munich left and England on 6 (Nwy, Den, Kie). Now a 5-horse race, with some horses a few furlongs ahead.

1905. A “safety” 1:1 bounce in BLA kept the Juggernaut on good terms in the South, but in the North all hell breaks loose. Russia took Nwy from England, whilst England returned the ‘compliment’ by taking Swe & StP from Russia! England self-bounced in ENG, allowing France the space to send units into NAf & WES whilst covering MAO in his rear. Players are chasing a place in the final now.

The Fall of 1905 was not Russia’s finest hour … down to 6 centres (Mos, War, Sev, Vie, Bud, Rum). Turkey also on 6 (Bul, Ser, Gre). Germany still on 1 (Ber) and Italy 4 (Tri). The real winners were England up to 8 (Stp, Swe, Nwy, Den & Kie) and (as predicted) a bear-hungry France now on 9 (Mun, Hol, Bel, Spa, Por, Tun) and a very solid outlook for the final turns. Great play!

1906 saw some mad scrambling as the 3rd and 4th positioned R & T grabbed for a chance of glory. Germany was eliminated. 9 for France, 8 for England, 7 for Russia & Turkey and 3 for Italy.

So the final year … Turkey probably should have supported Ank-Arm in the Spring, leaving Russia (who bounced Arm from Sev) in a better shape to face the final turn. But even that was not enough to make the final. The rest of the table was more predictable.

CoronaCon 2020 Table 2            []

(start 2:25pm, UK time)          

Austria:               Garry Sturley (Diplomacc)                         8 Centres              82.2 pts

England:             Laurent Joly (Lolo4992)                              9 Centres              149.4 pts           

France:               Luca Pazzaglia (cranberry)                         8 Centres              107.4 pts

Germany:           Gianmarco Di Lella (giammyjet)                0 (1905)              1 pt

Italy:                    Andy Harris (chats)                                      4 Centres              37.4 pts

Russia:                Luigi Insana (El Calabreo)                           5 Centres            43 pts

Turkey:               Viktor Verheyden (LEUV)                           0 (1905)              1 pt

Game Report – TABLE 2

A highly unusual Spring 1901, with France holding in Mar, Austria into Galicia, Turkey into BLA & Arm, Russia moved Mos-StP, War-Ukr and Sev-Rum, Italy stealing Trieste (plus A(Rom) – Nap), and Germany putting the fleet into Holland. Wow – what a melee from the very start!

For the fall, Italy held in Tri and made the Tunis convoy. Russia and Turkey had a 2:2 bounce in Sev (leaving Russia to keep Rum). There was also a 2:2 bounce in Belgium. Very interesting!

Some standard 1901 builds but + A(Par) & A(Mar) for France, with England putting in a F(Lon). +F(Con) for Turkey, +A(War) and +F(Sev) for Russia. Surely this is the *REAL* board of death?

In Spring 1902 Austria held every unit (was that an NMR or on purpose?), France held his only fleet in Portugal whilst England walked into ENG. Another 2:2 bounce in Bel, Germany into BAL and some re-arranging of the FOUR fleets around BLA. Turkey took the sea but the Russian fleets (in Rum & Sev) are ready to block anything.

The Fall saw Russia sneak into Armenia. And despite the uncut support by Turkish F(BLA) for his A(Bul), the unit was still dislodged … Austria gave two supports for the Italian two-fleet convoy from Tunis to Bul, in return for the Italians leaving Austria to retake Trieste. Love it! Plenty of support for the English A(Yor) – Bel too.

1903. Russia takes BLA and loses Sev to Turkey. Italy swaps Greece for Bulgaria with Austria, whilst Italy used Tyr to support Austria into  Boh, and Auistria helped Italy into Con. Excellent Diplomacy guys – very impressive! England sneaked into Holland, leaving France take Belgium behind. France finally puts his fleet into MAO for “safety” … you never know who is going to “sneak” next!

By the Fall 1903 Russia recaptured Sev and solidified on 6 centres and a great position in BLA / Arm. Very well played! Turkey collapsed down to 2. Italy up to 6 (Gre, Con, Tun) and Austria 6 (Bul, Ser, Mun – with Italian help). France goes up 1 to six and saw the Southern dangers, so moved MAO-WES and added F(Mar). Well played! Germany down to 2, England on 5. A very interesting position.

1904. Turkey’s position slides as Russia took Ankara. With Italy’s fleets heading West now, France grabbed to Tunisian free gift. Keeping Tunis is not guaranteed however; depends on a “good” 50/50 guess by Italy for the Fall! France & England have set up good DMZ’s now, with the English moving ENG-NTH.

Unfortunately for France … the Tunis move was not a good 50/50 guess, so Italy keeps it. But France is in TYR Sea and took Kiel (with English help) for a build. Marseilles is covered, so I’d guess a new fleet in Brest, to swing South with. England sneaks into StP and Russia’s entire northern flank (i.e. all of Scandinavia) turns pink. An excellent (3 centre) stab by England, now up to 8. So proud was he of this stab, that I even received a private Facebook message “boast” at the time! Lol, that’s cruel.

So, 1904 ends with 8 for England, 7 for France, 6 for Italy & Austria, 5 for Russia and T & G have 1.

1905 and the new English F(Lon) enters the Channel. Fun and games on the Italian coast as France entered Rome. Russia sits in Ankara as Italy dislodges the final Turkish unit in Smyrna. I’m smelling a bun fight for the final couple of years!

By the Fall, Turkey & Germany were both eliminated and Austria stabbed his Italian ally. Swings and roundabouts with England up to 9 (Hol, Kie, Den, Swe, Nwy, StP), France up to 8 (Bel, Ber, Nap, Spa, Por), Italy down to 4 (Rom, Tun, Con & Smy), Russia 5 (War, Mos, Sev, Rum, Ank) and Austria 8 (Bul, Ser, Gre, Ven, Mun). Now I wonder, is that English fleet in MAO to help his French ally, or just to make sure he protects his now near-certain top table position? I suspect the latter.

1906: draw agreed. France collects a well-earned top table, with France & Austria in good shape

CoronaCon 2020 Table 3             []

(start 3:00pm, UK time)                        

Austria:               Daniele Belardinelli (db)                            9 centres              113 pts

England:             Jeremy Tullett (l'hibou sage)                     8 centres              82.2 pts

France:               Thomas Franke (Tariannor)                       5 centres            43 pts

Germany:           Andrea Messi (Zia)                                       0 (1907)              1 pt

Italy:                    Mog Firth (mog)                                           3 centres              31.8 pts

Russia:                Brian Frew (Kronstdat)                               0 (1903)              1 pt

Turkey:               Conrad Woodring (skyblueshu)               9 centres              149.4 pts

Game Report – TABLE 3

Another interesting opening; as France headed towards Iberia with two units he also snuck into Burgundy from Paris. Venice held, bounces in Gal & BLA, Turkey in Armenia, Mos-Ukr, Lvp-Edi, Mun-Ruh. Austria (as with the other two games) went to Alb & Ser to head for Greece in the Fall. There were some initial communication challenges, which were helped and clarified by Luca (moderator).

For the Fall, Turkey left Bulgaria behind to force Rumania instead. Russia picked up Sweden. France helped the English F(NTH) into Bel, who plonked an army in Nwy for a second build too. Germany covered Munich (instead of taking Holland), and was bounced from Bel too. Austria collected two safe builds and Italy made the Tunis convoy.

1901 ended with two fleet builds for England, A(Par) & F(Bre) for France, two armies for Austria, A(Mos) for Russia, F(Nap) for Italy and a F(Con) for Turkey.

1902: As Russia moved F(Swe) into Norway, the English A(Nwy) sneaked into Stp with F(NWG) – BAR as a follow-up. England also sneaked into Holland. This tournament has certainly witnessed much sneaking! German A(Mun) sneaked into Burgundy as the French A(Bur) sneaked into Ruh. A 3:3 bounce in Sev. Austria forced Galicia, whilst the rest of the Russian armies set up a great Ukr / Mos / Lvn defence in preparation for the likely challenges ahead.

By the end of 1902, Russia had lost Sev, War & StP. Down to 3 units with Swe & Nwy. England up to 6 (Stp, Den & Bel). Austria 6 (Ser, Gre, War), Turkey 6 (Bul, Rum, Sev), France 5 and Germany & Italy on 4. Turkey is now looking very powerful with two new fleets and an Austrian (ally?) setting up on Tyrolia.

1903. Turkey supported Austria into Moscow (from War) as the fleets moved out into AEG/EAS. A very strong A/T alliance now. Italy spotted it in good time and sought French assistance into Pie. Many shenanigans around Ruh/Bur and Scandinavia (with an unfortunate NMR from Russia who didn’t click “ready” in time), but the Fall will settle that dust. England is looking strong now also.

The Fall eliminated Russia, as Turkey grew to 7 (Bul, Rum, Sev, War), England 6 (Swe, Nwy, StP) Austria on 6 (Mos, Ser, Gre), a very impressive (and badly-needed) two gains Germany 6 (Hol, Bel, Den) and France 5 (Spa, Por) is now in Pie & WES with a DMZ in ENG. Italy stayed on 4.

1904. Austria & Turkey continue their alliance, now into ION, Lvn & Mos. France accepted Italian support to TYR Sea and sent the other fleet to ENG. Tough times for Germany, with England in HEL, SKA & NTH.

By the Fall of 1904, Austria took Stp (with Turkish help) and helped himself to Munich. Turkey slotted in behind to Warsaw. A very unfortunate season for Germany though, slipping back to just 3 centres (Ber, Kie, Swe). France on 6, Italy 4, England 6, Austria 8 and Turkey a solid 7.

1905 With F, E, A & T leading the pack, the scrambling begun. But in reality, the solid A / T alliance was making good headway and they always looked favourite.

By the Fall of 1906, Turkey sealed his victory by securing all four Russian home centres (+ Bul & Rum) to get a clear 9-centre lead. Austria and England neck and neck on 7, with France chasing on 6. Germany’s earlier fantastic comeback was now over (with just the single centre), and Italy on 4.

By the end of 1907 this final table was over. Turkey didn’t need to stab, so enjoyed the victory lap. And Austria was wandering through Finland and Gascony in the Spring.