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The Asia Pacific Diplomacy League Championship is played throughout the year including Virtual games, Face-To-Face games, and Asynchronous games

In January 2021 the seven best players will play a virtual final live on Backstabbr with negotiation conducted over Discord

The winner of this final board will be our 2020 Tour Champion.


Face to Face games[]

Every public, prior announced face to face game played in Asia Pacific can be included.

Virtual live games[]

The organisation will run a 4-hour game every first Saturday of the month at 8h30 UTC. It is also possible to organise other Virtual games if they are open , pre-announced and validated by at least one tour organiser.

Asynchronous games[]

Organisation will hold a waiting list in the goal of launching official Asia Pacific  Diplomacy Tour Championship “Asynch” games (Such as play-by-email, play-by-mail, or online play with long deadlines). Other Async games can also be included with a prior authorisation from a tour organiser.

Gunboat games[]

Gunboat games played on standard map may be included and are valued at 1/2 value. They will be accounted as additional games.

Variant games[]

Variant games can be included after their validation by tournament committee on a variant-by-variant basis. They will be accounted as additional games


The participation to the tournament is open to everyone without restriction of nationality or residence. Players banned or suspended from similar competitions in other parts of the world are also excluded from participating in the Asia Pacific Diplomacy League Championship.

Rating System[]

The rating system used by the championship is Bangkok 2020:

In a draw:[]


1 point by supply center


12 point divided between dominating players according to the following rules

  • 3 shares to topping players
  • 2 shares to players finishing at 1 center from the top
  • 1 share to players finishing at 2 centers from the top


3 points to player surviving at the endgame

0.3 to eliminated player by year of survival

In a Solo[]

The winner get 41 points 18 (centers) + 12 (domination) + 8 (bonus solo) +3 (survival)

Others get 0,5 points/centre no domination bonus no survival bonus

Ranking System[]

Standings inside Asia Pacific Diplomacy League Championship are calculated as below:

Every player keeps their best result in each of the 3 diplomacy disciplines (Face to Face, Virtual & Asynchronous). Additional results are added together and divided by the number of games +1.

  • Ff1+Vi1+As1+(Additional games /Additional Games+1)

Distinctive Ranking[]

Some Distinctive classification will be held by the organisation

General Classification[]

General Classification will distinguish player on the basis of the standing before the final

Asynchronous Classification[]

Asynchronous Classification will take in account Asynchronous games

  •  (Asynchronous games / Asynchronous games +2)

Face to Face Classification[]

Face to Face Classification will take in account face to face games

  • (Face-To-Face games / Face-To-Face games + 2)

Virtual Classification[]

Virtual Classification will take in account Virtual games

  • (Virtual games / Virtual games + 2)


  • The final will be a single virtual game played on either Saturday 9th  or Saturday 16th of January 2021.
  • The board will be conducted under the “Paris Method”.
  • The Winner of the final will be Asia Pacific Diplomacy League champion.
  • Every other player will add their final to their qualification score in order to determine their final standing